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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
mnen query MSN News old-o
couch query Couchsurfing User Search old-o
deeper query DeeperWeb for Google enhanced Web search old-o
mls query old-o
cve query CVE Common vulnerabilities and exposures old-o
glopd Glottopedia old-o
untiny short URL Untiny old-o
cre episode Chaosradio old-o
gvid query Google video search old-o argument name Find within (not for licensed works) old-o
spark query SparkNotes old-o
mtg query Magic the Gathering card search old-o
dbug package, query query debian bugs from a package old-o
frsv word Translation French to Swedish old-o
vrs Start-Ort, Start-Haltestelle, Ziel-Ort, Ziel-Haltestelle, Uhrzeit, Datum Vrs Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg old-o
wn query WordNet Search old-o
gmch Ort Google Maps Schweiz old-o
enzh query Chinese old-o
moodleup Uni Potsdam, Moodle old-o
myg query Google search old-o