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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
ep query Eyeplorer old-o
wus query Wissenschaft und Schreie old-o
shoutcast SHOUTcast old-o
rc Recent Changes old-o
rwth name RWTH Aachen Campus Phonebook old-o
wweb article Wikipedia via old-o
sep query Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy old-o
zt query Znout Search old-o
sreddit forum Reddit old-o
topo query Torrent Portal old-o
ebank EasyBank old-o
dees word Translation German to Spanish old-o
fremdwort query old-o
pt-pons query PONS Portuguese dictionary old-o
hdb package name Haskell package page old-o
divxsub query old-o
puls Uni Potsdam, Puls old-o
kuler term Kuler old-o
lt website/word to translate Lingro old-o
uima query UIMA API old-o