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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
clusty query Clusty old-o
cnet query CNET content search old-o
co query Collectr old-o
coda artist or album old-o
codex query Wordpress Codex Search old-o
comic query Comic Vince old-o
conf query Disy Confluence old-o
copu query Google Custom Search "computational linguistics publications" old-o
couch Couchsurfing Start Page old-o
couch query Couchsurfing User Search old-o
couchl Couchsurfing Login old-o
cp query Cover Paradies old-o
cpase query CPASE Web search old-o
cplusplus query old-o
cppc query C++ Reference ( old-o
cr Chaosradio old-o
cr episode Chaosradio old-o
crc32 data Hash functions old-o
cre Chaosradio old-o
cre episode Chaosradio old-o