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gw2 query Guildwars 2 Wiki old-o
subtitles movie old-o
pamfix Seite Pamfix Free Youtube Video Download old-o
postbank query Postbank Search old-o
register Register at Serchilo old-o
fren word Translation French to English old-o
linguee word or expression to translate Linguee old-o
rails query Rails Documentation old-o
dao query Dragon Age Origins Wiki old-o
v query Vimeo old-o
pz query ProZ terminology search old-o
fz name of song xor artist Fizy videomusic old-o
ty query Twingly Search old-o
gentoo-forums Gentoo Forums old-o
wssl Wikipedia Main Page via SSL old-o
msdn2 query Microsoft Developers Network old-o
deac query DeviantART old-o
kvbg Uhrzeit Von Köln Mühlheim nach Bergisch Gladbach old-o
psql1 query PostgreSQL 8.1 old-o
clpat query COLOURlovers pattern search old-o