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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
yf abbreviation Yahoo Finance: Get stock quotes old-o
iso query IsoHunt Torrent Search old-o
pdawg query Wapedia - Wikipedia for Pocket PC old-o
der word Deutsche Rechtschreibung PONS old-o
ov OnVista old-o
debb query debian Bugs old-o
skreemr query SkreemR old-o
hexenc decimal value Hex encode old-o
wrceu server, name WoWReputationCalculator EU-server old-o
lotto Datum Lottozahlen old-o
glopd query Glottopedia old-o
jqg query JQuery API Search old-o
debian-planet Debian Planet old-o
engrish query search for some topic old-o
cite query Citeseer old-o
cfp query Wikicfp - Call for papers old-o
dig query Robtex DNS lookup old-o
html-pdf url HTML to PDF Converter old-o
pdf url Google PDF Viewer old-o
boxrec FirstName, LastName BoxRec old-o