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lc Logos Universal Conjugator old-o
cat Command category old-o
l007 lyricsyouwant Lyrics007 lyrics search old-o
gwb query Google Watch Blog old-o
zwatch channel Zattoo old-o
wus query Wissenschaft und Schreie old-o
invis number ICQ People Search old-o
sc Scirus search old-o
rwth name RWTH Aachen Campus Phonebook old-o
st Stylepark Designs old-o
grde query Grde old-o
jp query Jappy old-o
zvdd query Zentrales Verzeichnis Digitalisierter Drucke old-o
distros Distrowatch old-o
citex query Citeseer old-o
ebank EasyBank old-o
guk query Google United Kingdom old-o
gwt query GWT API old-o
pt-pons query PONS Portuguese dictionary old-o
melzoo query Melzoo search old-o