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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
dbug package, query query debian bugs from a package old-o
ubug package, query search for a term in ubuntu bugs (query) old-o
hdb package name Haskell package page old-o
ctand package Search for package descriptions by name old-o
pypi package Python Package Index (Cheese Shop) old-o
gentoo package Gentoo Package Search old-o
gp package Gentoo Portage Search old-o
ubuntu-packages package Ubuntu Packages old-o
gpo package Gentoo Overlay Search old-o
debpts package show the qa page of a given package old-o
gmch Ort Google Maps Schweiz old-o
gmde Ort Google Maps Deutschland old-o
enr nummer_eller_namn Eniro personsökning old-o
invis number ICQ People Search old-o
fz name of song xor artist Fizy videomusic old-o
sanego Name oder Fachgebiet, Ort, Ortsteil oder Postleitzahl Sanego - Die Gesundheits-Community old-o
gcode name Google Code old-o
god name Godchecker Mythology Encyclopedia old-o
fbf name Facebook Friend Search old-o
rwth name RWTH Aachen Campus Phonebook old-o