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pym old-o
distro Distrowatch old-o
debian-planet Debian Planet old-o
deezer Deezer Startseite old-o
era-sms Era-sms old-o
xtvi XTVi old-o
mytv Mobile TVInfo old-o
oe1 Oe1 old-o
cat Command category old-o
debw Debian Wiki old-o
wl Wikileaks old-o
distros Distrowatch old-o
ddgs Duck Duck Go old-o
yf abbreviation Yahoo Finance: Get stock quotes old-o
yfc abbreviation Yahoo Finance: Get quotes chart old-o
gads adword Goode Ads old-o
currency amount, from code, to code Yahoo Currency converter old-o argument name Find within (not for licensed works) old-o
df article Dwarf Fortress Wiki old-o
mcw article Minecraft Wiki old-o