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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
mesh termName MeSH term old-o
iso query IsoHunt Torrent Search old-o
engrish main page old-o
g-pdf query Google search for pdf-files old-o
dz query Deezer Suche old-o
flv-avi FLV Online Converter old-o
bgo query Gentoo Bugzilla old-o
gwas query Global Wikipedia Article Search old-o
freesound query Freesound old-o
wacus server, name Warcrafter search US-server old-o
fpl query Filmpolski old-o
jqg query JQuery API Search old-o
rapids Rapidshare Search old-o
everyzing query Everyzing old-o
pvx query PvX Wiki old-o
tfm query old-o
phpg! query PHP Documentation via Google Feeling Lucky old-o
scholar article Scholarpedia old-o
sgwti entry Sturmgeweiht (Searches for a title) old-o
cheggit tag Cheggit old-o