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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
cat category Command category old-o
wmob Wikipedia Mobile Main Page old-o
japiall query Java Platform SE6 API Search old-o
debp Debian Planet old-o
wi query Wikia Search old-o
gmbd part, doc_id GMB Explorer, discourse view old-o
plg query Prima Legion search old-o
gwo query Official Guild Wiki old-o
mailup Uni Potsdam, Webmail old-o
mp3 query Mp3skull old-o
download query old-o
ucsh query Unicode Character Search, including Han codepoints old-o
invis number ICQ People Search old-o
djj query Denshi Jisho old-o
st Stylepark Designs old-o
debian-bugs query debian Bugs old-o
mls query old-o
lotto Lottozahlen old-o
gentoo package Gentoo Package Search old-o
glopd Glottopedia old-o