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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
pi Yahoo Pipes old-o
yv query Yahoo Video o
yweather location Yahoo Weather old-o
y query Yahoo Web o
yl language, query Yahoo Web, only of language o
yai query Yandex Images o
yav query Yandex Videos o
yandex query Yandex Web old-o
ya query Yandex Web o
ya query Yandex Web, Russian ru
ys query Yasni Personensuche old-o
yatego query Yatego old-o
ygi argument_name Yeggi o
yp business name, city or zip Yellow Pages usa
ye query Yelp old-o
ye what, where Yelp o
ye Yelp o
ye what Yelp o
Yen Yenkurs redd
yii query YII API Documentation jakob