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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
xkcdtime query xkcd Time Wiki kevang
xkcdtime xkcd Time Wiki kevang
xle query XLE Documentation old-o
xtvi XTVi old-o
xtvi query XTVi old-o
xv query xvideos 0aex0
xvg query xvideos gay 0aex0
xvt query xvideos trans 0aex0
ymail Y old-o
ycc from code, to code, amount Yahoo Currency converter o
currency amount, from code, to code Yahoo Currency converter old-o
yfl company Yahoo Finance Lookup o
yfa company Yahoo Finance: Get company abbreviation old-o
yfc abbreviation Yahoo Finance: Get quotes chart old-o
yf abbreviation Yahoo Finance: Get stock quotes old-o
yg group Yahoo Groups o
yi query Yahoo Images o
ym query Yahoo Maps o
yn query Yahoo News o
pi query Yahoo Pipes old-o