Privacy policy

When using, the following data gets recorded.


When accessing web pages on or calling a shortcut, the time and the full IP address gets recorded for the maximum time of 30 hours. (A daily cron job deletes all logs older than 6 hours.) This is due to prevent flood attacks.

One exception: If the access causes an error on the Apache server, the IP remains logged, according to Apache error log configuration.

Calling a shortcut, without browsing the website

The following data gets recorded when calling a shortcut and directly being redirected to the target URL – for instance when using via a browser plugin:

  • the access time
  • the shortcut id (as in /shortcuts/1/google-com)
  • the namespace id (an internal pointer to the shortcut's namespace)

This data is used to collect statistics about shortcut usage, in order to improve their ranking in the autocomplete function and on the shortcuts overview.

Browsing the website

When browsing the website, i.e. when loading pages on, a local instance of Piwik is used. It is set up with the default settings – only IP logging has been restricted to the first two bytes. Additionally, logs older than 3 days get deleted automatically.