Note: The screenshots might be a bit outdated.

Integration with add-on

The Firefox addon integrates with one click into the search and the address bar.

This is the fastest and simplest way to integrate

Integration with Opensearch plugin

From Firefox 23 on, you can automatically use in the address bar if you have the Opensearch plugin installed and selected.

  1. Go to the homepage

  2. In the OpenSearch input field, click on the Google icon or magnifier icon:

  3. Click on Add ...

  4. Click again on the magnifier icon.

  5. Click on the Change search settings.

  6. Under Default Search Engine, select

  7. Done. Now you can enter all shortcuts in this field and in the address bar.

To switch between the installed OpenSearch plugins

  1. click in the OpenSearch plugin field on the search engine icon icon
  2. choose another search engine. (If you don't find, restart Firefox.)

Hint: While browsing, put the focus directly into the OpenSearch textfield with Ctrl-K, on a Mac with Cmd-K.

Manual integration into the address bar (Firefox <23)

If you use an older version than 23, follow these steps.