Creating and editing shortcuts is permitted to everyone, even anonymous users. However, in some cases, the edit must be approved by a moderator. A history of edits is kept for every shortcut (revisioning).

Creating a new shortcut

Adding to namespace Condition Example Allowed without approval
user namespace by its user User jorges creates a shortcut in namespace jorges.
planet namespace o Keyword is not used yet in namespace o. Creating a shortcut in namespace o with keyword foobar which is not yet used in o.
in a site namespace (= not a user namespace) Keyword is not yet used in a site namespace. Creating shortcut in namespace de with keyword foobar which is not yet used in o, en, deu etc.
all other

If one of the conditions is not fulfilled, the new revision remains unapproved until a moderator approves it.

Editing an existing shortcut

An approval is needed if the keyword, URL or namespace were changed.

Edit changing the field Allowed without approval
all other fields

Thus, editing the title, adding a tag or an example or extending the description can be done without a moderator's approval.

Sighting unapproved revisions

While being unapproved, the shortcut can be called but users will see a warning message on the first time calling. They can then sight the revision for themselves (saved in a session), meaning that on further calls, no warning message will appear for them.