Differences to old Serchilo

You have been already using the old Serchilo? Then I'll just give you the diffs to the new one.

Commands are now shortcuts

Just a renaming, to better fit in with the slogan.


They are similar to the language attribute in old Serchilo. If a shortcut had language=de, it now belongs to the namespace de. Read more about namespaces.

Edit access

Registered users can add and edit shortcuts freely within their own user namespace (user shortcuts). All edits to other shortcuts (site shortcuts) usually need an approval by a moderator. See also: Editing.

Old shortcuts

Because everybody could add and edit shortcuts until now, some inconsistent keywords have been gathered up. Therefore, some keywords have changed.

To keep using the old keywords, simply add some of the old namespaces, for instance old-o, to your custom namespaces.

Old user accounts

The user accounts from wiki.serchilo.net have been migrated to the new site. So you can use your old wiki password to login.

No regex shortcuts anymore

Yes, that may sound hard – but it actually isn't. Usage statistics of the old Serchilo did show that actually only one regex shortcut was widely used: wen for Wikipedia in English. This works now with en.w berlin.

Without regex shortcuts, it is also much easier to keep the behaviour predictable, and prevent shortcuts form overriding each other.

URL template syntax changed

... but just slightly. Parameter placeholders now have the format {s:foobar}, instead of {%foobar}. Read more about URL template syntax.

Still questions?

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