FindFind.it also provides an API. When calling a shortcut, instead of getting redirected to the shortcut's target URL, you also can let FindFind.it only output the URL and some detailed information. This allows you to do you own things with the URL (for instance, piping it to wget on your console or programming your own FindFind.it client.)

And instead of passing the search arguments to FindFind.it, you can also pass only they keyword with the argument count and receive the URL template. This allows you to program your own query parser and to use FindFind.it with maximum privacy.


Examples Receiving URL only as plain text Receiving URL and details in JSON format
Calling with query https://www.findfind.it/url/n/de.deu?query=g%20berlin https://www.findfind.it/api/n/de.deu?query=g%20berlin
Calling with keyword and argument_count https://www.findfind.it/url/n/de.deu?keyword=g&argument_count=1 https://www.findfind.it/api/n/de.deu?keyword=g&argument_count=1

Calling with keyword and argument_count, you don't need to give your search data to FindFind.it. You could instead implement your own query parser and replace the placeholders yourself after receiving the URL from FindFind.it. Read more about URL placeholders.