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mw query Merriam-Webster Online kevang
uvi query Unified Verb Index kevang
enzh query MDBG English to Chinese dictionary kevang
ud query Urban Dictionary kevang
zh query Chinese-English en
sl query Slovenian-English (Pons) en
en query English-Chinese zh
en slovo Anglicko-český (Lingea) cs
de słowo Niemiecko-polski pl
en słowo Angielsko-polski ( pl
dlen text deepL Translator to English o
syn word en
sv word Swedish-English en
lin word German-English (Linguee) chronial
ga word Irish-English (Irishionary) en
dei word German-English (Linguee) en
esi word Spanish-English (Linguee) en
fr word French-English (Linguee) en
pt word Portuguese-English (Linguee) en
de word German-English ( en