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enzh query MDBG English to Chinese dictionary kevang
es word Spanish-English ( en
esi word Spanish-English (Linguee) en
fi query Finnish-English en
fr word French-English (Linguee) en
ga word Irish-English (Irishionary) en
hr Wort Kroatisch-Deutsch ( de
lin Linguee kevang
lin word German-English (Linguee) chronial
mw query Merriam-Webster dictionary en
mw query Merriam-Webster Online kevang
mwt query Merriam-Webster theraurus en
nl word Dutch-English ( en
nlen word Vandale NL-EN emanjavacas
ox word Oxford Dictionaries British & World English en
perseus query Perseus Digital Library o
pt word Portuguese-English (Linguee) en
sl query Slovenian-English (Pons) en
sv word Swedish-English en
syn word en