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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
ytp query Youtube Playlists old-o
zhr radical Chinese radical index on English Wiktionary old-o
emy My eBay old-o
cite query Citeseer old-o
gmob query Google Mobile Search old-o
crc32 data Hash functions old-o
dig query Robtex DNS lookup old-o
gux query Google Linux old-o
keepvid url Keepvid old-o
g+ query Google+ Person Search old-o
debian-wiki query Debian Wiki Search old-o
sgw entry Sturmgeweiht (Searches for everything) old-o
nobi query Notebookinfo old-o
leo query Leo Deutsch<>English translation old-o
couchl Couchsurfing Login old-o
facebook query Facebook Global Search old-o
ubu query old-o
deo soegeord Dansk-esperanto ordbog old-o
no Wort Norwegisch-Deutsch old-o
zwatch channel Zattoo old-o