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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
hm query Hype Machine old-o
efa Efa bw old-o
gw2 query Guildwars 2 Wiki old-o
edv query Edv Abkürzungen search old-o
ubuntu-wiki Ubuntu Wiki old-o
postbank query Postbank Search old-o
linguee word or expression to translate Linguee old-o
citeseer query Citeseer old-o
invis number ICQ People Search old-o
dao query Dragon Age Origins Wiki old-o
scirus query Scirus - scientific information old-o
pz query ProZ terminology search old-o
st query Stylepark Designs old-o
fz name of song xor artist Fizy videomusic old-o
deezer query Deezer Suche old-o
wssl Wikipedia Main Page via SSL old-o
ibash Ibash old-o
copu query Google Custom Search "computational linguistics publications" old-o
kvbg Von Köln Mühlheim nach Bergisch Gladbach old-o
groo query Groovy documentation search old-o