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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
yfc abbreviation Yahoo Finance: Get quotes chart old-o
ymail Y old-o
ys query Yasni Personensuche old-o
ytorr query YouTorrent old-o
ytp query Youtube Playlists old-o
ytt query Today's new videos old-o
ytw query Last week's new videos old-o
z Produkt Zalando old-o
zam query Search Allakhazam's Database for DAoC items, npc, etc. old-o
zar query Turkish-English old-o
zattoo Zattoo old-o
zattoo channel Zattoo old-o
zf query Zend Framework old-o
zhen query Chinese old-o
zhr radical Chinese radical index on English Wiktionary old-o
zp url Zpeech old-o
zt Znout Search old-o
zt query Znout Search old-o
zt! query Znout I'm Feeling Lucky old-o
zt100 query Znout: Show 100 results at once old-o