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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
ytw query Last week's new videos old-o
cat Command category old-o
oms url Opera Mini Simulator old-o
rc Recent Changes old-o
firefox Firefox old-o
wikia query Wikia old-o
ce character Chinese Etymology old-o
user user Serchilo Wiki: User page old-o
ggmsg query Google Groups old-o
il query search old-o
vt query Versiontracker (Mac OS X) old-o
yfc abbreviation Yahoo Finance: Get quotes chart old-o
yfa company Yahoo Finance: Get company abbreviation old-o
grab url old-o
f query Fastbot old-o
dctt Suche De.comp.text.tex old-o
podster query Podster Podcastsuche old-o
jp query Jappy old-o
wissen query old-o
fremdwort query old-o