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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
wikia query Wikia old-o
wikileaks Wikileaks old-o
wikimapia place Wikimapia old-o
wimba be.imba! main page old-o
wimbaeu server, name be.imba query for EU-server old-o
wimbaus server, name be.imba query for US-server old-o
wis query old-o
wissen query old-o
wkl-ż query Wielkie Żarcie old-o
wl Wikileaks old-o
wlwf firm Wer liefert was? - Suche old-o
wlwp product Wer liefert was? - Suche old-o
wmob Wikipedia Mobile Main Page old-o
wmob query% Wikipedia Mobile Fulltext Search old-o
wn query WordNet Search old-o
word query WordNet Search old-o
wow query Google-Suche in der Wortwarte old-o
wr query search WarcraftRealms old-o
wrc WoWReputationCalculator main page old-o
wrceu server, name WoWReputationCalculator EU-server old-o