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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
firefox Firefox old-o
flv-avi FLV Online Converter old-o
fm query Freshmeat old-o
foo query Fooooo Video Search old-o
fotofinder Suche Fotofinder old-o
foxy query Foxytunes planet old-o
fpl query Filmpolski old-o
fr-an query Traduction Reverso : du français à l'anglais old-o
frde word Translation French to German old-o
freedb query FreeDB old-o
freesound query Freesound old-o
fremdwort query old-o
fren word Translation French to English old-o
frf query Friendfeed old-o
frsv word Translation French to Swedish old-o
fs filename old-o
fs-cca query FlickrStorm CC Attribution old-o
fsc query Fscklog old-o
fst Suche Forestle old-o
ftrs file Rapidshare old-o