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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
cf query Clipfish Clipsearch old-o
cfp query Wikicfp - Call for papers old-o
cg term Cablegate Cablesearch old-o
chegged title Cheggit old-o
cheggit Cheggit old-o
cheggit tag Cheggit old-o
chewbone query Chewbone Mp3 Blog Search old-o
chip query Suche old-o
chipfind partnumber ChipFind old-o
chords band or song Ultimate-guitar search for chords/tabs etc. old-o
cite query Citeseer old-o
citeseer query Citeseer old-o
citex query Citeseer old-o
ciu query Caniuse old-o
cl color COLOURlovers color search old-o
clpal query COLOURlovers palette search old-o
clpalr COLOURlovers random palette old-o
clpat query COLOURlovers pattern search old-o
clpatr COLOURlovers random pattern old-o
clr COLOURlovers random color old-o