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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
ddgs Duck Duck Go old-o
cf query Clipfish Clipsearch old-o
cite query Citeseer old-o
of query Old french dictionnary old-o
dig query Robtex DNS lookup old-o
g-pdf query Google search for pdf-files old-o
pdaw Wapedia - Wikipedia for Pocket PC old-o
bgo query Gentoo Bugzilla old-o
ixs Ixquick Meta Search old-o
wimba be.imba! main page old-o
sanego Name oder Fachgebiet, Ort, Ortsteil oder Postleitzahl Sanego - Die Gesundheits-Community old-o
drag_ball Dragosien old-o
leo query Leo Deutsch<>English translation old-o
gr query Google Reader old-o
ubu query old-o
jee6 Java Platform SE6 API Search old-o
tfm query old-o
spo article Scholarpedia old-o
ma query Mahalo old-o
sgw entry Sturmgeweiht (Searches for everything) old-o