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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
rs file Rapidshare old-o
kvba Start-Ort, Start-Haltestelle, Ziel-Ort, Ziel-Haltestelle, Zeit, Datum KVB Ankunft Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe old-o
spark query SparkNotes old-o
ulbbonn query Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Bonn old-o
ping query Web-based ping old-o
pd query old-o
btj BTJunkie old-o
gmbd part, doc_id GMB Explorer, discourse view old-o
moodleup Uni Potsdam, Moodle old-o
z Produkt Zalando old-o
getdeb software old-o
gwo query Official Guild Wiki old-o
iplocator ipaddress IP Address Locator old-o
ucsh query Unicode Character Search, including Han codepoints old-o
djj query Denshi Jisho old-o
shs query Secondhandsongs old-o
ubug Issue Tracker old-o
debian-bugs query debian Bugs old-o
omega query OmegaWiki old-o
dwd Deutscher Wetter Dienst old-o