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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
sgwa entry Sturmgeweiht (Searches for an album) old-o
sgwti entry Sturmgeweiht (Searches for a title) old-o
sgw entry Sturmgeweiht (Searches for everything) old-o
sgwte entry Sturmgeweiht (Searches for a text) old-o
ssl domain SSL Labs Analyzer old-o
dns domain DNS Lookup old-o
slse destination1, destination2 Stockholms Buss och Tunnelbana tider old-o
ky departure-destination, date YY-MM-DD Kayak flight search old-o
hexenc decimal value Hex encode old-o
lotto Datum Lottozahlen old-o
keno Datum Kenozahlen old-o
crc32 data Hash functions old-o
sha1 data Hash functions old-o
yfa company Yahoo Finance: Get company abbreviation old-o
x86 command X86 Assembler old-o
cl color COLOURlovers color search old-o
f4c codepoint Search for a font supporting a specific character old-o
ce character Chinese Etymology old-o
zwatch channel Zattoo old-o
zattoo channel Zattoo old-o