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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
wrcus server, name WoWReputationCalculator US-server old-o
wac Warcrafter main page old-o
waceu server, name Warcrafter search EU-server old-o
wrc WoWReputationCalculator main page old-o
wrceu server, name WoWReputationCalculator EU-server old-o
wacus server, name Warcrafter search US-server old-o
wimbaus server, name be.imba query for US-server old-o
wimba be.imba! main page old-o
wimbaeu server, name be.imba query for EU-server old-o
pd query old-o
www query Www old-o
guk query Google United Kingdom old-o
gch query Google Switzerland old-o
greplin query Greplin old-o
grep query Greplin old-o
ig query Google iPhone Search old-o
gmob query Google Mobile Search old-o
plugins Serchilo-Plugins old-o
fx query Frederix Computer GmbH old-o
way query Worry About You old-o