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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
logos word Logos Multilingual Dictionary old-o
plen word Translation Polish to English old-o
esde word Translation Spanish to German old-o
svfr word Translation Swedish to French old-o
xw wiki-query Exalead old-o
lt website/word to translate Lingro old-o
lingro website/word to translate Lingro old-o
such was, wo Suche old-o
lc verb Logos Universal Conjugator old-o
goof value Google Finance old-o
wdyjt username When did you join Twitter? old-o
hodyt username How often do you tweet? old-o
fbu username Facebook User old-o
btw user1, user2 Bettween old-o
twm user Search for Tweets that mention a specific user old-o
osmrank user OpenStreetMap User Rank old-o
twum user Access a specific user's twitter feed (mobile) old-o
user user Serchilo Wiki: User page old-o
tzu user Tagzania old-o
ierender url, engine Render a Homepage with an Internet Explorer Engine old-o