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wde article Wikipedia Article Search (German) old-o
ly article LyricWiki old-o
pdaw article Wapedia - Wikipedia for Pocket PC old-o
wweb article Wikipedia via old-o
scholar article Scholarpedia old-o
spo article Scholarpedia old-o
mcw article Minecraft Wiki old-o
mb artist Musicbrainz - Music Metabase old-o
cddb artist CD Database old-o
coda artist or album old-o
lyrc artist, songname Lyrc old-o
jben author, title JustBooks old-o
jb author, title JustBooks old-o
jbde author, title JustBooks old-o
dix Auto Dix Osola old-o
mys band name Myspace old-o
chords band or song Ultimate-guitar search for chords/tabs etc. old-o
qwd Begriff Qwika search old-o
sowi Begriff Sowiport old-o
cat category Command category old-o