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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
psql1 query PostgreSQL 8.1 old-o
ucsh query Unicode Character Search, including Han codepoints old-o
dmoz query Dmoz - Open Directory Project old-o
uscripts query Userscripts old-o
tcode query SAP TCODE Search old-o
foxy query Foxytunes planet old-o
dz query Deezer Suche old-o
ep query Eyeplorer old-o
dao query Dragon Age Origins Wiki old-o
docs query Google Docs search old-o
tüz query Schnellsuche in den Tübinger Zeitschriften old-o
steam query Steam search old-o
ossearch query OpenSUSE search old-o
gux query Google Linux old-o
dg query Digg old-o
gede query Google SSL old-o
maps query Google Maps old-o
pdawg query Wapedia - Wikipedia for Pocket PC old-o
download query old-o
phpg query PHP Documentation via Google old-o