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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
fedw query Fedora Wiki Search old-o
fd word The Free Dictionary old-o
ty Twingly Main page old-o
ecl Ecosia old-o
ctanp filename Search for packages by names of contained files old-o
openbsd query OpenBSD Manual Pages old-o
btj BTJunkie old-o
nicebooks:fr query NiceBooks old-o
irnat Islamic Republic News Agency old-o
getdeb software old-o
io keyword Uimash website forwarding old-o
x query Exalead old-o
waceu server, name Warcrafter search EU-server old-o
wikimapia place Wikimapia old-o
mcw Minecraft Wiki old-o
jr start, ziel Jorudan japanese journey database old-o
ubug Issue Tracker old-o
chipfind partnumber ChipFind old-o
dwd Deutscher Wetter Dienst old-o
f query Fastbot old-o