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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
dlde text deepL Translator to German o
dlru text deepL Translator to Russian o
dlja text deepL Translator to Japanese o
dlzh text deepL Translator to Chinese o
mstar ticker Morningstar Stock Quote o
gt time, query Google Web, only of certain time range o
timestamp timestamp UNIX Timestamp o
tmdb title The Open Movie Database o
!t title Search shortcuts by title o
dbp title DBpedia o
wo title Wikipedia Category o
! title Search shortcuts by title o
title title Search shortcuts by title o
wle title Wikipedia, List of episodes o
rwf to code, amount Convert Rwandan franc (Yahoo) o
ltl to code, amount Convert Lithuanian litas (Yahoo) o
hkd to code, amount Convert Hong Kong dollar (Yahoo) o
wst to code, amount Convert Samoan tala (Yahoo) o
bob to code, amount Convert Boliviano (Yahoo) o
sar to code, amount Convert Saudi riyal (Yahoo) o