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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
eucomp company EU Competition Authority Case search o
pubchem compound PubChem o
qr content QR Kaywa URL Barcode o
gtrends country, query Google Trends by country o
md5 data MD5 Hash o
27c3s Day 27C3 Schedule o
28c3s Day 28c3 Schedule o
26c3s Day 26C3 Schedule o
booking destination o
smw domain SimilarWeb o
whois domain Whois ( o
http domain Redirect to URL o
xkcd episode-number xkcd o
fbev event Facebook Search: Events o
gf filetype, query Google Web, only of filetype o
titulky film o
ycc from code, to code, amount Yahoo Currency converter o
gfl from IATA code, to IATA code Google Flights o
gfl1 from IATA code, to IATA code Google Flights, one-way o
gfl from IATA code, to IATA code, departure date Google Flights o