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Keyword Arguments Title Namespace Tags
clubic logiciel Clubic o
wg* article Wikipedia Article Search via Google in all languages o
bwp to code, amount Convert Botswana pula (Yahoo) o
whatis What is? - Technical glossary o
bn query Bing News Search o
fbpl place Facebook Search: Places o
bmf Besser mitfahren o
sos to code, amount Convert Somali shilling (Yahoo) o
f3 f3 - Fight Flash Fraud: an alternative disk fraud checker compatible to h2testw o
reddit Reddit o
edit keyword Edit Shortcut o
wq article Wikiquote Article Search o
hoo query Hoogle o
egp to code, amount Convert Egyptian pound (Yahoo) o
ig name Instagram o
gtr phrase/url Google Translate o
imp ImagePoint o
vnd to code, amount Convert Vietnamese dong (Yahoo) o
tat source_language, target_language, query Tatoeba search with specified source and target language o
huf to code, amount Convert Hungarian forint (Yahoo) o