Shortcuts without and with parameter/s


Warning message

Adding and editing shortcuts has been disabled due to the soon closure of If you want to alter a shortcut, please migrate to its successor Trovu.

Primary tabs

Some (I call it target pages) target pages require two entries, one without, and a different url with parameter:


اجمل رجل My problem: After having entered the first one, and the second one, the second one throws an "Access denied" error, and I do not know what I did wrong when entering the second shortcut.

Pls. can you assist ?


The "access denied" is a bug, I have to figure it out. Basically, if a user without moderator status changes a given shortcut, the shortcut is unapproved at first. This means that a users calling this shortcut do not get redirected to the target page but first to a page where they have to "sight" the new shortcut. This sight page apparently has a bug, because "access denied" is shown.

For the moment, I have approved the koka shortcut. Actually, it already existed with the keyword "koka" in the namespace "deu", so I just redirected it.

Hmm, you redirected koka36 to koka and now neither "koka query" nor "koka36 query" do correctly work (try for example "koka philharmoniker"), because the target url is wrong (should be "{%query}").

And let me suggest to have (also) the more specific "koka36" and "koka36 query" shortcuts, because at least I am used to type these. So what i suggest is:

to have

koka36 koka36 query

and perhaps the forms you like

koka koka query