Does not work, API needed?

Affected shortcuts: 


I think that this service isn’t available via simple url manipulation. Or is there any agreement with deepl?


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Hello there! Can you please share what troubleshooting steps have you tried doing? Or what did you do before this problem occurred? Thank you and cheers from

There is an agreement with deepl. What kind of service are you using?

A key tool to tackling this challenge is the Application Programming Interface (API), which at its most basic acts as a door or window into a software program, allowing other programs to interact with it without the need for a developer to share its entire code.

Hello there! May I know if your problem is solved? A lot of people helped out here. Maybe, I can additional steps if it is still not working.

Has this been resolved?

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I have a solution on this. The Maps APIs are part of and are not handled in this forum. Note that on that page is a link to the pricing structure. API support options such as documentation and FAQs can be found at Should you not be able to find answers to your questions among the support options, there are links to the forums for each version of the API further down that page. Those forums are all hosted on StackOverflow.

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If you do not have a Premium Plan or Maps APIs for Work license, you need to use a key parameter with your API key instead of the client [url=][/url]

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First, though, consider what an API does—It provides a way for a programmer to communicate with an external application or service, and to ask that application to do something. You may or may not know what the other program does internally with your data and your request, but as long as everything works correctly, all you need to know is how to use the API. But that is not enough to ensure that APIs perform adequately. branch chipping

Please try checking your computer for updates. If there are available updates, please install them then restart your computer. That should fix it. It worked for me. Cheers from

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