DeepL like other dictionaries

Hi, thanks for adding the shortcuts (and finding out how to pass them within the URL!)

I wonder how we can better fit the keyword names into the structure of the existing dictionary shortcuts.

They are all named like - "enp" English via Pons - "enb" English via Beolingus etc

– first always the language code, then a letter to specify the dictionary website.

In this case, we could do "endl", "frdl", "esdl" etc.

Or we use the language as a parameter

dl fr, Hello how are you? dl {%to language}, {%word or phrase}

I think I like the latter most. What do you think?

Best, Georg


Well, I am not sure. But –although more logical– I don't like the way with two values, separated by a comma. It makes it impossible to write sentences with commas.

I decided to do the abbreviations like I did, because it is translation TO chosen language, where Pons is the other way round, I think.

But for consistency it might be better to do it the other way round.

Conclusion: I'd vote for your first proposal.

Way to go! another useful content. you can't go wrong in the dictionary that would be the perfect keyword!

Best regards, -Sam

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