ddg to d: changed keywords clash with old namespace

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Hi jorges,

I am using the old namespace de.deu.old-o.old-de. When I search for "ddg foo", findfind.it will not redirect me to DuckDuckGo, but instead shows this warning:

"Duck Duck Go changed its keyword to g. Continue with d foo."

When I try to search for "d foo", I'll end up at definero.de.

Best, Arne


Hi Arne,

thanks for your report! I guess you are somehow using the namespace [old-de] as a custom namespace, and shortcuts in the custom namespaces have preference over the ones in [o], where DuckDuckGo is.

If this is the case, you might remove [old-de] from your custom namespaces. If there are shortcuts in [old-de] you still need, we might move them to [de]. (This needs to be done anyway.)

May I ask how you use FindFind.it? If in your browser, with which template URL?

And are you the user named "arne"?

Cheers, Georg / jorges.