How can I use a single parameter placeholder like "Date" two or more times in the generared Url ?


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I wanted to have "bpo 13.2.2016" being forwarded to

For this, I created with "{%Datum|type=date|output=Y-m/#{%Datum|type=date|output=Y-m-d}" but apparently %Datum cannot be used twice.

Please can you assist ? This should also be documented on .


problem is solved. I forgot a closing "}". The correct url for "bpo date" is now "{%Datum|type=date|output=Y-m}/#{%Datum|type=date|output=Y-m-d}"

Yes, this is possible. Just use the same parameter name as often as you want in the URL. All identical parameter names within the URL become only one search argument.

Your URL above just had a typo, you missed the closing } on the first param.