Shortcuts for editing shortcuts

For faster editing your shortcuts, you can now use the edit keyword. Examples:

edits the shortcut
edit g, 1, o … with the keyword g, 1 argument in the o namespace.
edit g, 1 … with the keyword g, 1 argument in your user namespace.
edit g … with the keyword g in your user namespace. If there is more than one, the shortcut with the lowest argument count will be picked.

An alias for edit is !e.

At the same time, all existing maintenance shortcuts (like !t, !k) got unabbreviated aliases (like title, keyword). See here a list of all maintenance shortcuts.


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First, the keyboard shortcut for editing a cell is F2 on Windows, and Control + U on a Mac. With Excel's default settings, this will put your cursor directly in the cell, ready to edit. You can also double-click a cell to edit. tree removal