Relaunch: Serchilo is now

Screenshot of the new homepage

Finally it's done: Today, Serchilo relaunched as Here's what's new:

Mobile first

Using the Boostrap framework, the site should be displayed fine on your mobile device now.

Encrypted queries (SSL)

You may have noticed the https in front of the new URL. Requested by many, the SSL connection encrypts the queries you send to

Everyone Can Edit

As announced earlier, this is the most important change: Everyone can edit everything: Add freely examples, tags, adjust the title. Those edits will pass without any moderation. You can also make changes to keyword, url and namespace of site shortcuts but they must be approved by a moderator.

Although, you can add new site shortcuts and edit their URLs freely within the first 30 minutes of creation (for instance to fix it until it works properly). See the moderation policy for details.

Date, Time and Cities

Shortcut arguments can be typed now. There are currently three available types: date time and city. With these, you can for example call the like this:

bls b, hh, fr

This will search for bus connections from Berlin to Hamburg leaving next Friday.

The first 2 arguments expect a city. You can use German vehicle registration codes for the city names. To map a city in another country, prefix its country code:

bls at.w, pl.w, +3

This will search for connections from Vienna to Warsaw in three days. The last argument is a date. You can use a relative date like +3, matching today plus 3 days.

The type time works in a similar way:

db b, hh, +2

This searches Deutsche Bahn Fahrplanauskunft for connections from Berlin to Hamburg departing in 2 hours.

Read the full documentation about types here.

Old URLs still work

If you already used Serchilo, you do not need to change anything? The old URLs and browser integrations should still work. However, these are the new ones

(If you need, here are the docs on browser integration.)

Why the name change?

I decided for a name switch because I had always problems when communicating the name and URL before. People never could guess the correct spelling. will hopefully be easier.

However, Serchilo will be kept as the name for the running software, which is by the way Open Source and on Github. To contribute, you can write or work on issues – or join the mailing list.

What next?

The issue list on Github is long – but I guess, I'll head next to the Android app. Or what do you think? Tell me in the comments!



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Клуб Vulkan – не только родоначальник виртуальной игровой индустрии азартной, но и настоящий первооткрыватель ее истинных шедевров.Чего всем и желаем!Выплаты всегда осуществляются вовремя.Со временем список может добавиться другими клубами, ведь казино без вложений с выводом денег пользуются большим спросом.Я стабильно играю, иногда вывожу до 5000 рублей в неделю.Игровые автоматы в казино Вулкан - официальный сайт.Pocket Fortune Casino предлагает Вам широкий выбор игр казино, чтобы разнообразить свой выбор с различными бонусами в одном и том Форд создал темно-синий район пике поло носили Крейг в Казино Рояль.Так, в Гонзо Квест действует помогающая выигрывать функция «Лавина», в игре Джек Хаммер 2 целых 100 линий выплат, а игровое поле слота Барабанная Суета открывается постепенно.Чем больше реальных ставок сделано, тем выше статус пользователей.Самый популярный развлекательный портал Рунета продолжает оставаться любимым местом отдыха для азартных натур, многим из которых удача дарит роскошные денежные призы.

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[b]What are mobile proxies?[/b] A Mobile proxy network consists of real 3G/4G connections assigned to individuals by their mobile carrier. Mobile proxies are the IPs of real-user devices, making them undetectable when used correctly. There are several types of such proxies: Shared IPs and Exclusive IPs.

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