New Beta starts today

The new Serchilo version is almost there, now the Beta phase starts. What changed to the current version:

Everyone Can Edit

As announced earlier, this is the most important change: Everyone can edit everything: Add freely examples, tags, adjust the title. Those edits will pass without any moderation. You can also make changes to keyword, url and namespace of site shortcuts but they must be approved by a moderator.

Although, you can add new site shortcuts and edit their URLs freely within the first 30 minutes of creation (for instance to fix it until it works properly). See the moderation policy for details.

New Feature: Dates and Cities

Shortcut arguments can be typed now. There are currently two available types: ‘date’ and ‘city’. With these, you can for example call the like this:

bls b, hh, +1

This will search for bus connections from Berlin to Hamburg leaving tomorrow.
The first 2 arguments expect a city. You can use German vehicle registration codes for the city names. To map a city in another country, prefix its country code:

bls at.w, pl.w, +3

This will search for connections from Vienna to Warsaw.

The last argument is a date. You can use a relative date like +3, matching today plus 3 days.
Both types are also already used at Deutsche Bahn Fahrplanauskunft. Read the full documentation about types here.

New Name:

To try the beta, go to – yes, this will the new name of the running Serchilo instance (the software itself will be still called Serchilo). I decided for a name switch because I had always problems when communicating the name and URL before. People never could guess the correct spelling. will hopefully be easier.

I am not super-decided yet about the new name, if you have some remarks or better naming suggestions, feel free to tell me.

Beware: Your Beta Edits Will Be Gone

My current plan is to run this beta for 1 or 2 weeks, depending on how many problems we will find. After that, the actual switch will be done by reinstalling the instance. This means that all edits made during the beta phase will be gone.

But the URL will remain. ;) So you can change your browser settings now to the new template URL, which might be one of these

(If you need, here are the docs on browser integration.)
For any remarks, comment here or write a Github issue.


P.S.: There is a mailing list for all Serchilo-interested people, feel free to join.

Update 8 May: got SSL.