Android app (experimental)

This version is (as far as I know) bugfree but still experimental.

What the app does:

  • opens up an input field with automatically enabled soft keyboard
  • remembers 5 recent keywords (can be reused with a single tap)
  • recent keywords can be deleted with a long tap
  • In the settings, allows to specify user name or language/country namespaces (If user name is given, settings for this user from will be used.)
  • Fetches the Shortcut URL by the API to the app, the app sends then an intent. This means that calling for instance gm berlin lets you directly open the Google Maps app, without a detour via the web browser.

What it does not (yet):

  • Suggestions. Before implementing them, I prefer to have a conversation about how they shall look like (collapsing overlay like on the website, defined area below with recent keywords removed ... etc.) And is this the most missing feature right now? Or maybe something else?

To contribute to the development, check the Github profile and its issues, where you can add bugs and feature requests. Or send me email.